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Podiumsdiskussion: The Management of Migration: the struggle for consensus / FS23

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Hey there!💫
We’re super excited to let you know about an upcoming event that’s gonna be a real game-changer! POLITO, YES (Young European Swiss), and SDSA (Swiss Diplomacy Student Association from the University of Geneva) are teaming up to tackle the topic of “The Management of Migration: the struggle for consensus. The role of the Swiss government and the European Union in the management of migration issued from international conflicts.”
The event will take place at the University of Zürich in room KOL-F-101 on May 2nd. Starting with an opening apéro at 18h. The main event, a debate, starts at 18:30, and we’ll wrap it all up with questions and a closing apéro. The best part? We’ve got some amazing speakers lined up from all walks of life, including academia, state representatives, NGO, and lived-experienced. It’s gonna be a real mix, and we’re expecting some fiery discussions! So come on down and join us! We promise you won’t be disappointed. Let’s get debating!