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Research Assistant in Quantitative Social Science / ETH

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Job description

Data collection is ongoing in Brazil and the Dominican Republic and will be completed in summer 2021. Data collection in Peru will start in the coming weeks and will be completed in early 2022.

The task of the Research Assistant in Quantitative Social Science is to support the research team at ETH Zurich in the monitoring of data collection, coding adaptions to the questionnaire(s) in Qualtrics, managing the survey sample, data cleaning and data preparation. Furthermore, you will conduct (mostly descriptive) data analyses, prepare meaningful data visualization and contribute to writing reports based on the statistical findings obtained in all three countries. You will also contribute to reviewing and summarizing existing literature.

As part of a larger project team, you will be closely involved in collaborating with and supporting IOM HQ and the three implementing IOM missions in Brazil, the Dominican Republic and Peru throughout the pilot testing phases, data collection and reports writing.

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