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Introduction to metascientific research practices

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You are interested in science about science? You are thrilled by discussions on how to improve your own field’s theories and methods? And you don’t think improvements are done by leaning back and watching established researchers’ endless discussions in their ivory tower?

Then, this workshop is for you.

What? Workshop on “Having the bird’s eye view: Introduction to metascientific research practices”, organized by the Department of Cognitive Psychology at UZH

When? November 23-24 (9:30 am – 4 pm incl. breakfast and Apéro), Andreasstrasse 15, AND-3-46, 8050 Zurich

Who? Participants from every department are welcome. Our guest speakers come from several disciplines as well and combine their specific work interests for two special days. 

Please write to berit.barthelmes@uzh.ch for the workshop program, more details and your registration.

Best wishes,

Your Metascience Workshop Team