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National Dialogue & Peace Mediation, swisspeace

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National dialogues aim to provide a space to discuss a broad range of issues relevant to the wider society, expand participation beyond political and military elites and (re)build relations among different actors. Get insights into how to define, design and support them by participating in our National Dialogue & Peace Mediation course.

Offered in collaboration with the Berghof Foundation and the University of Basel, this course will take place at the kHaus (Basel) from Monday 8 to Friday 12 May 2023.

Leading international experts facilitate this course:

Philipp Lustenberger, Co-Head Mediation Program, swisspeace

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Feel free to share this information in your network and please contact academy@swisspeace.ch or visit our website for further information. Many thanks in advance.

Our courses are offered in collaboration with the University of Basel, and can be taken as part of a continuing education program.
swisspeace, kHaus, Kasernenhof 8,  CH-4058 Basel, T +41 61 551 56 34, academy@swisspeace.ch