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pre-doctoral researcher (m/f/d)(E13 TV-G-U, 65 %-part-time) / Goethe Universität

The researcher will be employed within the international joint research project “The Rural-Urban Divide in Europe (RUDE)”, funded by NORFACE. This project is part of the NORFACE Network Pro-gramme on “Democratic Governance in a Turbulent Age” and examines the political dimension of rural-urban disparities. Members of the national project team are Prof. Sigrid Roßteutscher, PhD (project leader, Frankfurt), Jun.-Prof. Dr. Kathrin Ackermann (Heidelberg) and Prof. Dr. Richard Traunmüller (Mannheim). International project partners are the Autonomous University of Barcelona (ES), University of Bern (CH), University of Glasgow (UK) andUniversité Grenoble Alpes (FR).

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