PHD Position (3 years) in International Politics at Aarhus University

The position offers a unique opportunity for writing a PhD thesis on the changing nature of international cooperation inside the United Nations. Candidates can choose from a broad set of suitable research questions. For example, an interesting thesis could focus either on a particular world region or on a specific field of international politics (e.g. disarmament, human rights). Most importantly, the PhD candidate should have an interest in international politics, including the comparative study of foreign policy making.

The position is financed as part of a research project that studies co-authorship patterns in the UN General Assembly. Analyzing draft resolutions, speeches as well as the recorded votes the project uncovers patterns of conflict and cooperation within the UN General Assembly over the course of the last 30 years.

The political science department at Aarhus University offers a world class academic environment. The successful candidate is employed for three years under the conditions of the BSS Graduate school, which offers excellent physical working conditions, financial support for travel, books and IT as well as a generous salary (ca. 2500 EUR after tax).

Applicants should have completed (or will complete) a master program in political science, international relations or a related discipline. Information on the application procedure can be found here:

!Importantly: You are required to submit a short PhD project description with your application. You are welcome to coordinate your project description with professor Daniel Finke ( !


Dr. Daniel Finke, Professor

Department of Political Science

Aarhus University

Phone: +45 871 65 639

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